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EuroGen is a genetic trading company, which provides healthy DanAvl breeding animals and professional services to modern pig producers. DanAvl is the world’s leading and most innovative breeding system owned and managed by the Danish Pig Research Centre. You can read more about DanAvl here.

EuroGen offers to its clients high quality DanAvl animals: purebred DanAvl Landrace (LL), DanAvl Yorkshire (YY), DanAvl Duroc (DD) as well as crossbreds between the breeds from Denmark. Besides that, EuroGen supplies the markets in Russia and CIS countries with high quality DanAvl LY crossbreeding animals which are bred on the first independent DanAvl multiplication farm in Russia. This farm is operated by Otrada Gen. You can read more about Otrada Gen here.

What makes us unique?

  • All other DanAvl distributors are only trading breeding animals. We are also producing them. Therefore, we better understand our clients practical needs, we provide with better service and support.
  • We are the only distributor able to deliver DanAvl F1s from Russia. Our farm situated in Lipetsk region and owned by Otrada Gen is the first independent DanAvl multiplication farm in Russia;
  • All our assets are located in Russia, we are close to our customers;
  • We are selling only in Russia and CIS countries from our own associated independent multiplication farm;
  • The selection process for our customers is 100% transparent. In close cooperation with our clients we:
    • share all information on the health status of the farms in Denmark and our multiplication farm in Russia and the number of animals available;
    • select farms in Denmark that better meet our clients requirements;
  • We can train your specialists in how to get the outmost out of our DanAvl Genetics and breeding animals.